We understand that as a foreigner you have a lot of questions and difficulties to register business in Ukraine. You have to obtain certain papers and permissions, find an address for registration, find a temporary director for the company and deal with government offices, which for sure don’t speak English.

But don’t worry! We have very qualified lawyers and with our support all those problems will not bother you at all

3 easy steps to get your company registered:

Power of Attorney

Just make a notarized power of attorney from your country or come personally with passport copy. That’s enough to start procedure for business registration. No other documents needed.

1 week

We will handle obtaining all necessary documents to get your company registered. Give us a week of time.

Receive your documents

That’s it! Your company is on the governmental registrar and you have your Company Registration document in your hands!

Why Invest Guide Ukraine

  • We have a proven understanding of building the pricing strategy: over 3,000 pricing projects all over the world
  • We provide analytic tools and approaches allowing to identify price leakage and apply stats-based adjustments
  • We offer combined solutions affecting related areas, including marketing, business strategy, performance increase, and organization improvements.

600 usd


  • Passport translation
  • Tax ID number
  • Company charter creation
  • Submitting papers to governmental receptionist
  • Registration fees
  • Temporary address for company registration
  • Temporary Ukrainian director for the company
  • Opening bank account