If you want to settle down in Ukraine and you need to get residence, our specialists will help you to find the best way for you!

Power of attorney

Come to Ukraine with your passport on travel visa or send us hard copy of power of attorney (notarized and with apostille).

4-5 weeks

The average time to finish all the process is about 4-5 weeks,

D visa to Ukriane

Apply for D visa to Ukraine in the nearest consulate in your country.

Residence card

Arrive to Ukraine and get your residence card in about 15 working days!

Full package documents:

Other grounds for receiving temporary residence permission:

There is a standard list of grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit by a citizen of another country:

  • you want to have employment in Ukraine;
  • you want to reunite with the family ( if husband \wife is a citizen of Ukraine);
  • you want to reunite with the family  (if husband \wife or children has a temporary residence permit in Ukraine);
  • you want to provide international technical assistance;
  • you are member in a religious organization;
  • you want to study in Ukraine;
  • you are employee in affiliate foreign company ;
  • you deal in volunteering, cultural, educational, scientific work;
  • you are correspondent or foreign mass media worker.

Why Invest Guide Ukraine

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